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Muji Floor Chair

Muji Floor Chair

So there is a thing now where people write their browser-destined javascript using node and features that only exist in node (mostly require). Since those features don’t work in the browser they use things like browserify to shim it in and package everything up into one file. This is great if you don’t mind writing your javascript in a node project using require and commonjs and all of that and only being able to execute it after running it through a processor and concatenation phase…sigh.

What one ends up with are javascript files that cannot be used by the browser at all. Someone can’t just include the file in a script tag and get started. Instead they have to learn all the tools, possibly use an http server, all just so they can use npm to manage dependencies. While I like the idea of having a good package manager for libraries it doesn’t make sense to force it through by making code that cannot be run. Even coffee-script can be included in the browser and used directly there!

It’s frustrating to try out new things if they require so much ceremony to get going. I don’t mind the script tag and I’m not sure why so many people do.

Human JavaScript

By: @HenrikJoreteg

This is a very good overview of how to write readable javascript code for large applications. I don’t agree with are using npm for everything, but I am trying to work that out myself.

So far I find it very hard to use javascript libraries that require npm to install in non-js projects (like rails or sinatra). I assume using them with python or other languages/frameworks is just as difficult. I’m not sure why people want to force everyone to do things their way to be able to use a tool. It just seems really odd to require the use of npm when one cannot even rename the node_modules folder to something like vendor/javascript or what have you.

"Have you heard of evaporative social cooling? It says the people who provide the most value to a social group or organization eventually burn out and leave, undermining the stability and progress of the group."

— /via Frank Chimero’s From the Porch to the Street

Why Semantic Versioning Isn't

It’s amazing how people continue to think “do it my way and it’s easier for me” is an acceptable answer. As usual: be defensive and accepting with your input, and strict with your output.

"I’ll be very disappointed if this is just a device that shows a fake analog watch face, displays notifications from a tethered iPhone, and tracks your footsteps and heart rate."

Daring Fireball

I would love to visit Iceland.

/via Ignant.

I would love to visit Iceland.

/via Ignant.

Pivotal Web Services | Features

I really want to try this out.